What is it that makes some homes come together beautifully, while others just seem to miss the mark? What is it that makes a home or a space feel right? The key word is feel , everyone is looking to create and experience “a feeling” We want to experience a feeling as we pull into the drive, a feeling when we walk into our home, a feeling when we put our feet up at the end of the day. When it comes to design, one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is “How do I want my home to feel ?”

Designers everywhere, including Kelowna interior designers , should ask this critical question to every client when they first meet. The answer becomes a guide in creating the home the client has always hoped for and dreamed of. For example a client, who says they want their home to feel warm, cozy and intimate, will require different design choices than a person who says they want their home to feel grand and impressive & wants everyone to say ‘wow’ when they walk in the door. A few key descriptive words will help to keep the home on track & should be considered in every selection, of every room, whether it be the front door, the dining room chandelier, or the master bedroom furniture.

Every space must also be considered as a part of a larger whole. Each room is part of a home, which is part of a building site, a neighbourhood and a community. If you are building a new home, choose the site and then work with an architect or drafts person to create a plan that will suit the site, not the other way around. If you are renovating an existing home, consider these factors in relation to additions, alterations, exterior colour choices & use of materials.

The word materials is a catch all term used for what covers all the surfaces of the home. Everything from stucco & hardwood, to granite counter tops and paint. Every material selected either contributes positively, or detracts negatively, in creating the desired look & feel of a home. When choosing each material the question must be asked “Does this fit with how I want this space to feel?” For instance, if the desire is to create an elegant, sophisticated, and refined space, having a large scale river rock fireplace may not be
the right choice. Other important factors regarding materials are the quantity needed in relation to budget & the environmental sustainability of the material choice.

Whether building your dream home, renovating an existing home or updating a single room, these basic principles will hold true. Keep in mind, that it is not a matter of right or wrong for each individual item, it is about making choices that will lead you towards your ultimate goal. Think of designing a space being like combining ingredients for a recipe, some combinations will work together magically, such as chocolate and strawberries, while others, will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, like onions and ice-cream!

For most people their home is the single largest investment they will ever make; it provides financial & physical security, as well as comfort and enjoyment. As with many aspects of life, professional guidance will ultimately save you money and potentially save your sanity. Today, there are a multitude of resources available to you; books, magazines, TV programmes & the internet can provide you with endless inspiration. Architects, contractors & Kelowna interior designers , can assist you with all the decisions you need to create a well integrated home that will leave you saying “Now this is how I want my home to feel!”